HVAC Replacements

At Robinson Mechanical LLC., we proudly offer over 20 years of HVAC experience to the residents of Columbus, Indiana and the surrounding areas. We understand that replacing equipment can be a daunting experience, which is why we value educating our customers on the reasons why we suggest a replacement – if we do at all! Many HVAC companies may try to convince you that a replacement is the only way, whereas our HVAC technicians only recommend one if it is necessary and your current equipment is unsalvageable or destined for timely failure.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our clients, and that means being honest with you about your HVAC needs. We thoroughly and honest analyze your current equipment to determine if a replacement is, in fact, the best route. We pride ourselves on timely replacements when necessary, while also informing you on best practices to ensure your new equipment lasts the tests of time! If you do need replacement and need some help we also offer financing to help you out.

HVAC Repairs

Save you a lot of money and hassle. At Robinson Mechanical LLC., we provide thoughtful opinions on your equipment and are more than happy to repair the current equipment to meet your budget. Sometimes a simple fix is all you need, and sometimes our techs need to put their heads together to find a complex solution to a difficult problem, and we are more than happy to do it all. From commercial HVAC to residential AC and furnace repairs, we pride ourselves on honest opinions and cost-efficient processes that help save you money!

For any replacement or repair questions, please contact your trusted Indianapolis heating and cooling company today! We’re eager to meet you, and help with any HVAC need!

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