Luxaire is a top air conditioning and heating unit manufacturer that offers optimal energy-efficient performance for exceptional value. Robinson Mechanical is proud to be a Luxaire dealer in Indianapolis, and you can trust that you are in good hands when you choose us for Luxaire air conditioning and furnace installation, AC or heating repair, and other HVAC services on your Luxaire unit.

American Made Air Conditioners, Furnaces, and Heat Pumps From Luxaire

Luxaire offers American reliability you can trust. Luxaire air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC units and products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, and their products are frequently subjected to rigorous tests and incredibly high performance standards. The skill and expertise of the nearly 2,000 hardworking people Luxaire employ ensures that you are getting the best HVAC units, furnaces, and heat pumps on the market.

A Warranty To Write Home About

Luxaire also offers the best HVAC warranty around because their products are so tested, tried, and true. Each HVAC unit from Luxaire is built according to the strictest guidelines in American factories. You can learn more about Luxaire’s warranty by getting in touch with Robinson Mechanical — your Luxaire HVAC dealer — or checking out the Luxaire website.

Energy Savings Means More Money In Your Pocket

Luxaire heating and cooling units are consistently praised for their energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners. Many households spend more on heating and cooling costs than necessary because their HVAC unit is outdated, not performing properly, or is the wrong type of unit for a home. Luxaire has a huge selection of Energy Star heating and cooling units. Many of their gas furnaces even offer over 95 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). This means that at least 95 percent of the energy in the fuel becomes heat, and less than 5 percent escapes through a chimney or other outlets. To put that into perspective, old, low-efficiency furnaces and boilers might only have a 56-70 percent AFUE. The higher the AFUE value, the more money you’ll save to heat your home.

Choose The Right Heating And Cooling System For Your Home

Not only do you need to look at efficiency when considering AC and heating installation, you also need to consider the size of the unit. Most households have heating and cooling units that are too large for the home. While sometimes “bigger is better,” this isn’t the case for heating and air conditioning installations. HVAC units that are too large or too small can waste energy, cause uneven distributions of heat or cold air throughout the home, and can even result in poor humidity control.

If you are looking at an air conditioning or furnace replacement, your Indianapolis HVAC technician at Robinson Mechanical can assess your home and help you determine the perfect Luxaire energy efficient HVAC unit for you.

Support Luxaire, Support Families

Of course, you know by now that we want to bring you the best quality HVAC units on the market. It’s icing on the cake that the brand that makes those products also does a little something to give back to others. We are proud to use Luxaire products due to their involvement in the Make A Wish Foundation – an organization which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, whether that is going to Disneyland, spending the day with their favorite athlete, or meeting their favorite celebrity singer. Luxaire has raised over $3.7 million for Make A Wish and has granted over 500 wishes. When you choose Luxaire products, you are not only doing something good for your own family, but for other families dealing with extremely difficult circumstances.

Choose Luxaire For Your HVAC System

As your skilled HVAC contractors, we can work on your Luxaire unit when you are in need of heating or air conditioning repair in Indianapolis. Additionally, if you are ready to upgrade your HVAC system to an energy efficient heating and cooling unit that is built to last, we hope you consider going with a Luxaire system. We’d love to come out and assess your current heating and cooling situation and help you pick your next unit. Get in touch with the HVAC contractors at Robinson Mechanical today to schedule a free consultation!